Where culture and technology meet tourism.

Tratoo brings an innovative city tour experience for tourist through Advanced GPS tracking and Augmented Reality.

Tratoo originates from the NeverStop project.

Features made for you

Tratoo is designed specifically for your convinience.

Personalize a guided tour within Art Cities

Discover and explore different architectural, artistic, and cultural heritage of the city.

Available in different languages

The app is available in different languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Simple and Clean User Interface

Never Stop App is available in all Android and iOs Device and is easy to access, use, and understand. 

Advanced GPS and mapping systems

Never Stop is built with an advanced GPS tracking system and a detailed mapping system with a precise and error-proof routes.

Educational 3D Multimedia Gallery

Never Stop App has a section dedicated to 3D Multimedia Gallery in AR  that explains the main features of the monument, building, or artwork.

Augmented Reality

3D & AR Experience

When the user is near a tourist spot or an artwork, he/she will be allowed to access an augmented reality section that provides a more detailed explanation of its history and features.

Art cities to discover

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Screenshot Gallery

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